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When Is the Best Month to Buy Heating Oil?

A Frequently Asked Question Now that the weather has warmed up and you’re more likely to run your AC, you might be tempted to think less about your heating oil tank and let the level get much lower than you would during the winter. That’s not a good idea. You should keep your tank full […]

Fuel Oil vs. Heating Oil

Are They The Same Thing? You should know what fuel heats your home. You might hear the term “fuel oil” from time to time and wonder what it means. Perhaps you already know that heating oil is the fuel that powers a boiler or furnace. But what is fuel oil? How is it different from […]

How Long Does Heating Oil Last?

Does Yours Need to Be Replaced? You might be used to things expiring. When you buy fruit, meat, or bread, they eventually go bad if they don’t get eaten soon enough. It seems like just about everything has an expiration date—from your groceries to your medications to those Covid-19 test kits you’ve still got somewhere. […]

Keep Your Heating Oil Tank Full This Summer

Avoid the Sludge! As someone who lives in the Hudson Valley, you can’t afford to forget about your heating system during the winter months. And you’re in real trouble if you get caught with an empty heating oil tank. If you’re a responsible heating oil customer, you routinely check your tank’s level and call for […]

What Determines the Cost of Heating Oil?

A Primer on Pricing If you’re like most, you keep an eye on your budget. Prices on just about everything have seen some uncomfortable highs over the past few years. Groceries, gas, travel—just about everything costs more these days. Supply and demand along with some other factors affect how much it costs to manage. That […]

What To Look For In a Heating Oil Company

Dependability, fair prices and a high-quality product At Economy Oil, we understand that our job is not just about getting heating oil to homes. It’s about peace of mind. The customers we serve in Dutchess, Columbia, Orange, Sullivan, Delaware, Greene and Ulster counties depend on us to heat their homes and keep their families safe […]

Need Help Paying Your Heating Bills?

HEAP Can Help The past two years have been particularly difficult for many of us. If an illness (whether Covid or something else), the loss of a spouse, the loss of a job, or any other financial hardship has left you struggling to pay your heating bill each month, Economy Oil wants you know that […]

How To Be Ready for a Heating Oil Delivery

A Checklist for the Season All year long you take steps to keep yourself and your family safe in your Hudson Valley home. Winter brings its own set of safety concerns. The Northeast has already gotten some record-breaking snow this year, and more is sure to be on the way. And as the temperatures decrease, […]

Heating Oil FAQ

Your Questions Answered This month marks the official start of winter, but it’s already gotten pretty cold in the Hudson Valley. That means you’ve already had to adjust your thermostat to get comfortable. And as your home’s consumption of heating oil increases, it’s good to know you have a company you can count on when […]

Heating Oil 101

Some Important Info Fall is here and chances are you’ve already begun turning up the thermostat. This is the beginning of the heating season, which means your boiler or furnace is going to consume more heating oil now than it did during the summer. Have you ever found yourself wondering about the heating oil your […]