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Your Heating Oil Delivery: 3 Ways To Help Us

It takes dedication for our delivery crews to get heating oil to you in the dead of winter – especially when road conditions make it hard to get to get around. Snow and ice can make maneuvering heavy oil hoses and other equipment a challenge – and if a driver loses his footing, he can easily get […]

Oil heat Vs. Natural Gas For Heating Your Home

More than 8 million US households – including homeowners throughout New York State – rely on home heating oil as their primary fuel choice. They do it for some pretty good reasons, too – especially when compared with other options like natural gas. Key Benefits Of Heating Oil Here are four key reasons to choose heating […]

How can I save money with my thermostat this heating season?

How To Save Money With A Thermostat This Heating Season

Most people think of their thermostat as the little box on their wall that they adjust when they are feeling cold. But if you have a programmable thermostat, you could be doing much more with it – including saving money. In fact, managing the temperature of your home with a programmable thermostat is one of the […]

Common heating problems you may encounter this fall

Common Heating Problems You May Encounter This Fall

A quick look at the calendar reminds us that your heating system will soon be back on the job, working hard day and night to keep your family warm and comfortable in your Hudson Valley home. Sometimes the strain of a long heating season can start to take a toll on your heating oil-fired equipment, […]

When is the best time to buy heating oil?

Heating Oil: When Is the Best Time To Buy?

If your home heating system uses heating oil, you know how annoying it can be to “buy high” during a winter spike. The good news is that more often than not, you can avoid that problem with a little planning. Offseason: the best time to buy your fuel The dog days of August might seem […]

HEAP assistance extended in NY State; cooling assistance also available

HEAP Assistance Extended In NY State; Cooling Assistance Also Available

If you are having trouble paying for your heating oil deliveries during this challenging time in the Hudson Valley – or anticipate that you will have problems with your cooling bills in the coming months – help is available through the federally-funded Home Energy Assistance Program. According to “As of April 24, 2020, a third […]

Why Schedule A Heating Oil Delivery Before Summer?

Heating oil tanks aren’t complicated pieces of equipment – but they do require a minimal amount of attention if you want them to run safely and reliably. Of course the best way to take care of your oil storage tank is to have it maintained by a heating system specialist every year. But there’s another […]

Why do heating oil price change?

Why Do Heating Oil Prices Change?

As you may have noticed, the price you pay for heating oil can change – sometimes considerably – from one heating season to the next. The question is, why does this happen? As it turns out, heating oil prices are determined by a complex combination of global, regional, and local forces. Factors used in determining heating […]

How safe is heating oil?

Heating Oil Safety: How Safe Is It Really?

Heating oil has been heating American homes for nearly a century, and for good reason: when you consider the cost of fuel and the longevity of oil-fired equipment, it just may be the best value in home heating. But how does heating oil fare when it comes to safety? As it turns out, quite well: […]

Preparing your home for a heating oil delivery

Heating Oil Delivery: How To Prepare Your Home

Our crews work hard to provide the most reliable heating oil delivery in the Hudson Valley – but when severe winter weather strikes here in Dutchess, Columbia, Orange, Sullivan, Delaware, Greene, and Ulster counties, we can sure use a helping hand. Please help serve as many people as we can during severe weather by making these […]