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Severe weather safety reminders

Severe Weather Safety: Remember Your Fuel Tank

We’re just reaching the halfway point of winter 2019-2020, and so far it has been a relatively mild one here in the Hudson Valley. But as we all know, that can change pretty quickly around here. With that in mind, it pays to prepare for severe winter weather. Follow these five steps to prepare your […]

Keep your heating oil from freezing

Keep Your Heating Oil From Freezing: Here Are 6 Ways

Heating oil does an amazing job at keeping us warm and safe through the long Hudson Valley winter, providing more BTUs than any other fuel when it’s burned. But sometimes heating oil needs a little attention to make sure it “plays nice” (or plays at all) with our heating system – especially if we have […]

How To Read A Heating Oil Tank Gauge

Winter is upon us here in the Hudson Valley – which means it’s time once again to start thinking about managing your heating oil deliveries. Tank Reading Guide To know if and when it’s time for a top-off, you will have to know how to read your heating oil tank gauge. Here are the basics: […]

How To Avoid Running Out Of Heating Oil

When frigid weather arrives, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind – making sure your kids are safe, for example, or clearing your property of snow and ice. With all that activity, checking your oil storage tank’s fuel gauge and ordering heating oil are activities that just might slip through the cracks, resulting in a […]

Save Money On Home Heating Oil This Season

Cooler weather is coming – and so are fall and winter heating bills. But before you reach for the “heat” setting on your thermostat, it pays to take some time to consider how to make smarter energy conservation choices in your Hudson Valley home so you can save on your heating oil delivery bills. 8 […]

How efficient is a fuel oil furnace?

When it comes to heating a home here in the Hudson Valley, a heating oil furnace is hard to beat for convenience or performance –it can be installed in any neighborhood (since you don’t need a pipeline, as you do with natural gas), you’ll never have to worry about your fuel exploding, and you will […]

Busting five common heating oil myths

Heating oil has been in widespread use in U.S. homes since the 1930s, ever since the Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company introduced the first oil-fired burners. But despite that longevity, misconceptions still exist about heating oil – thanks largely to the fuel’s poor environmental performance up until the 1970s. We’re here to set the record straight by busting […]

Heating oil tank

Can heating oil spoil?

In a recent blog, we talked about the importance of keeping your heating oil tank at least half full throughout the year. If you follow that advice, your heating oil will likely sit idle in the tank for at least four or five months while you wait for temperatures to drop here in the Hudson […]

The importance of carbon monoxide awareness

You probably know that carbon monoxide is dangerous. But do you know what causes a build-up of the potentially deadly gas in your home – or what to do if you or a family member experiences signs of carbon monoxide poisoning? Here are some carbon monoxide basics to help keep you informed. Carbon monoxide (sometimes referred […]

One big reason you should keep your heating oil tank at least half full

Heating oil tanks don’t require a lot of TLC to continue to do their job safely and reliably year after year – just a little annual maintenance and an inspection from a professional heating contractor will usually do the trick. But one thing you can do to avoid problems with your heating oil tank and […]