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The importance of carbon monoxide awareness

You probably know that carbon monoxide is dangerous. But do you know what causes a build-up of the potentially deadly gas in your home – or what to do if you or a family member experiences signs of carbon monoxide poisoning? Here are some carbon monoxide basics to help keep you informed. Carbon monoxide (sometimes referred […]

One big reason you should keep your heating oil tank at least half full

Heating oil tanks don’t require a lot of TLC to continue to do their job safely and reliably year after year – just a little annual maintenance and an inspection from a professional heating contractor will usually do the trick. But one thing you can do to avoid problems with your heating oil tank and […]

Three ways to help us keep your heating oil deliveries coming this winter and early spring

If we have learned anything in recent years, it’s that weather can be unpredictable – especially during the winter and early spring (remember the 20” of snow that a Nor’easter dumped on us last year right around this time? We sure do!). That kind of weather seesaw keeps a heating oil delivery company like ours […]

Seven reasons to love Economy Oil

Love is in the air here in the Hudson Valley as we approach Valentine’s Day and inch closer to the spring. Need someone to love this cold, dark February? Take a chance on Economy Oil. Here are seven great reasons to love our company this Valentine’s Day and beyond: You get top quality oil…Don’t let […]

How Do I Read My Heating Oil Tank Gauge?

Knowing how to read your heating oil gauge is one of the simplest tasks you have as the owner of an oil-fired heating system – and one of the most important. If you have never had to do it, now would be a good time – before the really cold weather settles into the Hudson Valley this […]

Heating oil delivery

There for You with Reliable Heating Oil Deliveries This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time to slow down and be with your family in your warm, cozy, and comfortable Hudson Valley home. But sometimes a blast of arctic air can make warming your home a challenge that requires 24/7 effort from your furnace or boiler to meet. Before you know it, you’re running […]

Couple on the computer with paper bills

A HEAP of Help with Your Heating Bills

At Economy Oil, we work hard to offer the lowest price on heating oil in our service area – but sometimes even that isn’t enough to overcome a financial challenge that can leave you unable to pay for the energy that will keep your family warm and safe in your Hudson Valley home. If you need […]

Cool weather baby

Seven cost-effective cold weather energy conservation tips

The leaves are turning here in the Hudson Valley – which means that cooler days and nights are on their way. For many people, the change in seasons means higher energy bills. But with a little know-how and some simple changes in your lifestyle, you can keep those bills as low as possible in the […]

Happy girl autumn

Make your fall and winter easier with these four tips

Ready or not, Fall is coming to the Hudson Valley – and soon temperatures will have you reaching for the “heat” switch on your thermostat. But don’t stress about it – we’re here for you when and where you need us, with reliable heating oil deliveries at the best prices in our service area. Of […]

Welcome to the new Economy Oil blog!

At Economy oil, we’re all about being smart and saving money. If you are, too, then come join us at our new blog! On these virtual pages you’ll find information you can really use – from tips that will help you cut your energy bills to recommendations for your home comfort equipment. Please bookmark this […]