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Keep Your Heating Oil Tank Full This Summer

Avoid the Sludge!

oil sludge Greene county, ny As someone who lives in the Hudson Valley, you can’t afford to forget about your heating system during the winter months. And you’re in real trouble if you get caught with an empty heating oil tank. If you’re a responsible heating oil customer, you routinely check your tank’s level and call for a delivery before it gets too low. And since Economy Oil offers same day and next day deliveries, you never have to wait long for your delivery.

Now that that summer is approaching, you might be tempted to think less about your heating oil tank and let the level get much lower than you would during the winter. That’s not a good idea. You should keep your tank full all year long. That includes the summer months. We’ll explain why in a bit.

Even during the summer months, you should keep your heating oil tank as full as possible. And because Economy Oil sells our quality fuel oil at the best price in the Hudson Valley, you can rest assured that you’re not paying a penny more than you need to when you get your heating oil from us.

Why a Full Tank Is Best

There are a couple reasons why you should keep your tank full this summer. When you don’t keep your heating oil tank as full as possible, debris can clog your oil filters. Clogged oil filters reduce the efficiency of your heating system and can even cause it to fail altogether. Both of those scenarios will cost you more money in energy and/or repair costs.

When you don’t keep your tank full, you also need to worry about condensation. That’s especially true during the summer months when you have hot and humid days followed by cooler nights. Conditions during the summer months can accelerate condensation buildup in your tank. The water formed by condensation forms an ideal environment for bacteria to build up and create heating oil sludge in your tank. Again, if that sludge gets into your filters, it will decrease your system’s efficiency or cause it to fail.

Your tank is even more susceptible to condensation if it’s aboveground, outside, or in an unshaded area.

Another reason condensation is an issue is that if water is allowed to build up in your tank, it can cause rust, and that rust can cause your heating system to fail.

By keeping enough heating oil in your tank, you can avoid the above costly problems.

How full is full enough? Try to keep your tank at least half full (though fuller is better) all summer long. All year long, actually.

The Power to Save

At Economy Oil, we care about your budget and give you the power to save. We offer the same high quality heating oil our competitors do, we simply do it at an unbeatable price with no hidden fees, service fees, or contracts. All you get it a quality product and quality service.

Do you have less than half a tank of heating oil? Contact Economy Oil today to order quality heating oil at an unbeatable price in the Hudson Valley.