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Why Schedule A Heating Oil Delivery Before Summer?

heating oil tank offseason hudson valleyHeating oil tanks aren’t complicated pieces of equipment – but they do require a minimal amount of attention if you want them to run safely and reliably.

Of course the best way to take care of your oil storage tank is to have it maintained by a heating system specialist every year. But there’s another way to take care of your heating oil tank that may not be as obvious: keep it at least half-full during the off-season.

Reasons to keep your heating oil tank at least half-full

heating oil , converting it to a thick sludge that will jam your fuel lines and potentially even damage your heating system.

Second, accumulated moisture will eventually sink to the bottom of your tank (since water is heavier than oil) and corrode it from the inside out – a problem you might not see coming until you have a heating oil tank leak on your hands.

In short, condensation is bad for your oil storage tank – and keeping your tank at least half filled can help prevent it. Order heating oil now and it could prevent problems down the road; it could also save you money, since pre-season heating oil prices are often lower than in-season prices, when heating oil demand and market prices are highest.

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