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What To Look For In a Heating Oil Company

Dependability, fair prices and a high-quality product

heating oil delivery ductchess county, ny At Economy Oil, we understand that our job is not just about getting heating oil to homes. It’s about peace of mind.

The customers we serve in Dutchess, Columbia, Orange, Sullivan, Delaware, Greene and Ulster counties depend on us to heat their homes and keep their families safe and comfortable. That’s an essential service, and we’re proud to provide it. We’re also aware that Hudson Valley families have many choices when it comes to home energy.

Here are four things you should look for when considering a heating oil company.

Prompt, reliable heating oil delivery

Any company can offer discounted fuel. What matters is whether they show up when they say they will, especially when the weather is less than hospitable and demand is through the roof. We can’t tell you how many new customers we’ve welcomed who have been let down by larger companies that stopped answering the phone in the winter.

At Economy Oil, we pride ourselves on treating you like a neighbor. Our delivery drivers show up on time. Plus, we offer same-day and next-day heating oil delivery. You won’t get left with an empty tank!

Quality fuel

Heating oil has come a long way in recent years. Since we started doing business, this fuel has become ultra-low sulfur to improve air quality. Now, the product sold in this state incorporates biofuels made from organic and recycled feedstocks.

This product is better for the environment, and it’s better for our customers, too.

You see, the premium heating oil that we deliver burns more cleanly. It leaves fewer deposits in your furnace or boiler, which means you’ll need few cleanings, have fewer breakdowns and enjoy more years with your current heating system.

Price protection programs

For a start, you want to be sure that your heating oil company is fair and transparent in its pricing. We deliver the same high-quality fuel as the more expensive guys, but we keep our overhead low to ensure our prices stay reasonable. We’ll even match the price of our competitors if you find a lower rate.

But at Economy Oil, we go above and beyond in securing great prices for you with these pricing programs:

Trust from the community

Above all, you need to know that your friends and neighbors trust the company your considering. We’ve been providing heating oil to Hudson Valley since 1984. Our customers are price-conscious and value the freedom we offer with no service fees, no contracts and no hassles.

We are committed to serving this region. When temperatures have bottomed out, and ice is on the road, you can depend on Economy Oil to get to your home.

Contact our team today for the best price, flexibility and reliability for your heating oil.