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Keep Your Heating Oil From Freezing: Here Are 6 Ways

heating oil freezing point new york

Heating oil does an amazing job at keeping us warm and safe through the long Hudson Valley winter, providing more BTUs than any other fuel when it’s burned.

But sometimes heating oil needs a little attention to make sure it “plays nice” (or plays at all) with our heating system – especially if we have a tank installed outdoors or in an un-insulated basement. That’s because when heating oil drops below 16° F, it freezes, or “gels,” into a thick, viscous sludge (unlike water, heating oil cannot turn into ice).

Heating Oil Sludge Problems

Gelling can wreak havoc on several parts of your heating system, including your:

Preventing Sludge

So how do you keep heating oil from gelling? Here are six of the best ways:

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