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Why You Should Buy a Home That Uses Heating Oil

oilheat homes new yorkAre you looking to purchase a home in the Hudson Valley? There’s a lot to consider. How many bedrooms do you need? Do you want an open concept? Do you want a home that’s move-in ready, or are you willing to go with a fixer-upper? What are the must-haves for you and your family? Here’s something else to consider: Should you purchase a home that uses heating oil?

The Argument for Heating Oil

Here are five reasons you should buy a home that uses heating oil.

  1. Safety: Home heating oil doesn’t ignite in its liquid state. It has to be vaporized to burn. You can safely store heating oil in your Hudson Valley home, and it represents a very low risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Plus, modern oil storage tanks are practically leakproof.
  2. Efficiency: Modern oil-fired heating systems can be up to 95% efficient—that’s up to 20% more efficient than gas and 30% more efficient than electricity. Purchasing a home that uses heating oil means you’ll get more out of each dollar you spend heating it.
  3. Speed: Of all the heating fuels, heating oil is capable of warming your home the fastest. It generates approximately 125,000 BTUs per gallon.
  4. Eco-friendlier: The last few decades have brought about significant improvements in heating oil. Today’s heating oil is cleaner and greener than the heating oil of old. Economy Oil delivers the same quality heating oil you’d get from more expensive providers. We just do it for less.
  5. Longevity: With proper maintenance, your oil-fired boiler or furnace will last for 30 years or more. Using quality heating oil like the heating oil Economy Oil delivers can also help extend the life of your home heating system.

The Power to Save

At Economy Oil, we care about your budget and give you the power to save. We offer the same high-quality heating oil our competitors do, we simply do it at an unbeatable price with no hidden fees, service fees, or contracts. So wherever you end up living in the Hudson Valley, make Economy Oil your heating oil provider.

Our service area includes Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties. Once you’ve found your new home, click here to see if it’s in our service area.

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